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Young successful athletes don’t have the required skills to transform their athletic success into a successful personal branding that provides them with extra income, on the order hand, the local businesses don’t have a platform to connect them with young athletes to use their personal branding.


01. Business Discovery

The first step in understanding the business problem from people who are experiencing the problem, We’ve met with the Nilath team, who already talked to young athletes and local business owners.

02. Personas Development

Define our different personas and understand their behavior, needs, and obstacles, and understand what could motivate them to use such a solution.

03. Task Flows

The task flows help us to track the flow of every task and the interaction points between athletes and business owners to complete specific tasks, to help us point tackle problems in early stages and build a flawless solution.


Creating a platform that connects young athletes and young business owners, where athletes share their progress and availability for work, and business owners offer their work needs and terms, where both can create contracts and track work progress over the platform.

We designed a seamless and intuitive user experience to enable nilath to help young athletes reaching more potential that affects directly in their long life career.


where the athletes can view, accept, and reject opportunities.


where athletes and business owners can have conversations over opportunities and work progress.

Athlete Profile

Athletes upload their progress, and showing their interests on what opportunities they will be able.

Data visualization and Dashboards

A dashboard where the athlete can view their opportunities and business requests, and add offline contracts to be added to their portfolio.

Building a clear, new visual language.

Core activities

User Flows
UI Design


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Nilath sport management