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A B2B External Data Monetization platform that enables enterprises to leverage their data to the advantage of their enterprise customers, and offer them B2C customer engagements through multiple channels and devices

desirm collaborated with lagorta team to provide end-to-end solutions for etisalat misr, that built around the fundamentals of UX, UX analysis, Testing, Data management, Data visualization, and UX ecosystem.

How we approached it

01 Understand

Discussing product pains, problems, gaps and opprtuinities with stakeholders, and studying the product through out a various ux activities

02 Define

Define where stakeholders stuck, defining the areas that need a makeover and reflect the best value.

03 Ideate

Visualizing the hypothesis and initial ideas into workflows and low-fid prototypes for validation.

04 Innovate

Study prototypes testing findings, iterate on it and create more polished ideas to be implemented.

05 Iterate

keep close attention to the analytics and gradually conduct tests to identify any gaps and detect the areas that potentially can increase value generation.

We've tailored our process to the needs of the business, working users, and customers.

Core activities

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Product Decomposition UX Research IA, User Flows, Wireframes UX Ecosystem mapping Iteration testing Prototype UI Design Design system

Highlight challenges

User's Mental Challenges

Dealing with humans always one of the big challenges. They are not willing to change and prefer to stick with products they already use.

Functionality / Usability Challenges

One of the big challenges is conveying the team from one system to another with a fully new in look and features, Also upgrading their mental models step by step until achieving the desired outcome.

How we tackled it

our diversity team can understand psychology, UX, and as well as design and it’s working very well, We listen carefully to stakeholders, and promised them that we will solve each pained step by step in an efficient way, and will present the solutions back to them to make sure that we are making solutions they like to use in the future.

Main value

It’s all started with only 1 user segment, and ending up on 6 user segments with more than 8 different user roles! During the first stages of our research activities and methods, we found that there were an intersection and cooperation between other

several departments and teams that if we joined them to the platform and the business, the technical journey to all end-user will add a huge value from different directions and it will increase the ROI.

Here! It was time to think over normal UX, we proposed the UX ecosystem as an advanced approach that can connect all different touchpoints and facilitate all the processes for the person who uses the engine to do the jobs in a seamless way.

UX research

We are combining behavioral and attitudinal research methods to be able to fully understand stakeholder’s scope and create solutions that serve all their needs, which ended up building a full ecosystem for Etisalat.

In-house contextual interview and observations researches

Our team spent 480 hours of research so far, understanding, and conducting workshops with different teams across Etisalat Egypt Organizations, creating more than 30 research-related documents, that our team reviewing, analyzing, and building the solution based on.

Task flows


Our tailored approach and understanding of users’ mental models, their daily life surroundings, and the business helping us to add value in different areas for instance: Credibility, Usability, Accessibility, Business ROI, Seamless UXEcosystem, Growth.

Before After

Design system

Reusable components enable us to ensure that our designs follow clear standards, that can be applied together to build any number of applications.

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Core activities

User Research
User Flows / User journeys
Information Architecture

UI Design
UX Testing
UX Ecosystem mapping


Big data
Data visualization



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