Etisalat Engagement as a Service platform

Experience Design • UXEcosystem • Data Visualization

A B2B External Data Monetization platform that enables enterprises to leverage their data to the advantage of their enterprise customers, and offer them B2C customer engagements through multiple channels and devices

desirm partnered with lagorta team to deliver end-to-end solutions for Etisalat Misr based that built around the fundamentals, UX analysis, Testing, Data management, Data visualization, and UX ecosystem.

How we approached it

01 Understand

Product pains, issues, gaps, and opportunities are discussed with stakeholders, and the product is studied through various ux activities.

02 Define

Define the places where stakeholders are stuck, outlining the areas that require a makeover and reflect the best value.

03 Ideate

Visualize the hypothesis and initial ideas into workflows and low-fid prototypes for validation.

04 Innovate

Study prototypes, test results, iterate, and produce more refined concepts to be executed.

05 Iterate

Keep a careful eye on the analytics and progressively do tests to find any gaps and places that might potentially improve value production.

Our methodology has been adapted to the demands of the business, working users, and customers.

Highlight challenges

User's Mental Challenges

Dealing with humans has always been one of the most difficult problems. They are unwilling to change and want to remain with the stuff they are currently familiar with.

Functionality / Usability Challenges

One of the most difficult difficulties is conveying the team from one system to another with a completely new appearance and functionality, as well as gradually upgrading their mental models until they get the desired result.

How we tackled it

Our team that is familiar with the overall design principles, as well as psychology and beyond, worked closely with the different teams. We carefully listened to stakeholders and promised them that we would address each problem step by step in efficient output and that we would offer the solutions back to them to ensure that we were creating solutions that they would like to utilize in the future.

The primary benefit

It all started with only one user segment and has grown to six user segments with over eight distinct user roles! During the early phases of our research activities and methodologies, we discovered that there was an intersection and

collaboration between other departments and teams, and that if we connected them to the platform and the business, the overall journey to all end-users would offer a significant value.

Here! it was time to extend the classic UX thinking into UXEcosystem as an approach that can connect all different touchpoints and facilitate all the processes for the person who uses the engine to do the jobs in a seamless way.

UX research

We integrated behavioral and attitudinal research methodologies to thoroughly understand stakeholder needs and create design solutions that meet all of their needs, resulting in the creation of a comprehensive ecosystem for Etisalat.

We held a number of workshops at the start of the project to better understand the company’s goal. In addition, we gathered information about the product’s intended users. began with (card sorting, focus group, heuristic evaluation/expert review), but because the information was ambiguous, we decided to go further and perform (contextual interviews, individual interviews, and shadowing study).

In-house contextual interview and observations researches

Classic UX Thinking into the UXEcosystem

Taking the traditional UX touchpoints and user journeys used in B2C UX and adapting them to B2B research strategy was a fun challenge!

During the early phases of our research activities and techniques, we discovered an intersection and collaboration between numerous departments and teams that, if included in the ecosystem, will provide a tremendous value for stakeholders and ecosystem users from several perspectives, as well as boost the ROI.

User flows / Sketches

Our tailored approach and understanding of users’ requirements and everyday working environments enable the business to provide value in a range of areas, including credibility, usability, accessibility, business ROI, a seamless UX ecosystem, and growth.

So far, our team has spent 480 hours researching, studying, and holding workshops with various teams throughout Etisalat Egypt Organizations, resulting in more than 30 research-related documents that our team has reviewed, analyzed, and built the solution on.

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Platform before and after

Design system

We can ensure that our designs adhere to defined standards by using reusable components that may be used to create a wide range of modules and applications.

Core activities

User Research
User Flows / User journeys
Information Architecture

UI Design
UX Testing
UX Ecosystem mapping


Big data
Data visualization



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