desirm is a UX Strategy and Innovation firm started with the passion to be a global place and to apply a human-centered design approach in everything we do


From discovery to deployment and beyond. We provide a full range of UX/UI services and End-to-End solutions

Boost your product quality and reach by using defining the conventional strategy using real-world innovation and product development methods compatible with a tangible object, system, or Service.

Translating your strengths through design is critical of every successful product or Service to create a delightful experience for your customer, and empower your business to move faster.

Companies have to take a more active role in investments to build ecosystem sustainable digital devel- opment in their organizations, We develop digital platforms and custom software solutions that upgrade your business processes.


We bring Value,
No matter the industry.

  • AI

  • Telecommunication

  • eCommerce

  • Education

  • Marketing

  • Delivery & On-Deman

  • Big Data

  • Sports & Lifestyle

  • CRM & ERP

  • Sass & Startup


Designing Human-Centered
AI products & more.

Our goal is to do fundamental research, invent new ways of collaboration, and create a relation to drive the human-centric AI.

We’ve helped communities and companies to develop their AI products using the hu- man-centered approach.


Keeping an eye on what’s coming tomorrow to help you make better strategic decisions today



From research and prototyping through cutting-edge and efficient back-end development, we will help you develop an outstanding e-commerce platform, securing a solid competitive advantage, and winning your customers’ loyalty.


Startup accelerate

Whether you are a startup or an established company, we use product process and framework that help you develop and grow your product or features through high intensity, times-boxed engagement.


Data visualization

Our focus is to make big and small data easier for the human brain to understand, and visualization also makes it easier to detect patterns, trends, and outliers in groups of data.