cutting-edge solutions,

by design.

It was once said that everything is designed. Starting from designing your course of life to reach your goals, and moving all the way up to the whole universe; nothing is random. Hence, Design is Success!


ifferentiating your business is no longer like it used to be. Today, it is a must that design should be embedded in every aspect of the business, and that was our inspiration to create desirm, an acronym for “design firm” equipped with a perfection-seeking mechanism to Influence the business evolution from business idea to business design and from product to experience, by unlocking the intersection of strategy, design, and technology.

In desirm we believe in people. Thus, behind every touchpoint, we have a team of diverse expertise that identify and tackle problems to maximize the effectiveness of the outcome.

desirm behind the scene ...

Experts aren’t made by chance!

Our approach embedded in our name, and mirrors what we believe.
desirm starts from discovery and goes all the way to offer memorable services.

The standing i in the center of desirm reflects our ideology of putting people in the center of our process. The ideology is based on 4i pillars:

  • Identification
  • Ideation
  • Implementation
  • Iteration

Design is more than a product

Design means business. It’s courage to accept the challenge.
Translating unique challenges into cutting edge solutions requires new kind of partners that can understand the impact of connecting business, experience-design and future-shaping technologies; like AI or the mixed tech.

  • Business discovery

  • User Research

  • User Experience Design

  • User Interface Design

  • Design for Artificial Intelligence

  • Usability Testing

  • UX Workshops

  • Design-Thinking Trainings

  • Full-Stack Development

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Leading brands trust desirm

We take this trust seriously and hold ourselves responsible for crafting high-quality solutions that keep our clients connected to their customers.


Designing Human-Centered AI products & more.

77% of today’s devices already use some form of AI, and 84% of global organizations believe that AI will give them a competitive edge. Leveraging AI for growth requires new considerations and new ways of thinking. AI isn’t a dazzling technology, it’s an interaction between machines and humans, and it’s time to pair up human and machine with desirm.

For AI to be used by humans, design is a must; so desirm takes the challenge to unleash the relationship with AI by practicing design for human-centered AI in order to clarify for technical and business people how the technology could be applied.

Our goal is to do fundamental research, invent new ways of collaboration, and create a relation to drive the human-centric AI.

The entrepreneurs know the era of AI, desirm knows-how to make people in control by design.

Differences are Difficult

Solving problems, Developing strategies, and Creating values to drive your business growth are what we strive to implement in our day-to-day responsibilities.

  • Collaboration with our clients

  • Predictive over assumptions

  • Problem-Solving focus

  • Spreading design thinking

  • Iteration, with purpose

  • Awareness of technology viability

  • From perspectives to metrics

  • Customer satisfaction

  • People at the center of our work

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